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Public during the performance "A Maze in Grace" by Neo Muyanga with Legítima Defesa and Bianca Turner for the opening of the 34ª Bienal de São Paulo. 08/02/2020 © Levi Fanan / Fundação Bienal de São Paulo

After more than 30 years of operations, Itaú Cultural (IC) has cemented its role as one of the most active institutions in the Brazilian cultural scene. By listening and interacting with the other, the organization reinvents processes for realizing its goals and dialoguing with society.

This intuitive and intellectual journey has resulted in a systematic thinking and in continuous activities, which most notably include events related to visual arts, such as various exhibitions, courses, debates and support to partners. With the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, for example, the partnership has already spanned 12 years.

With the pandemic decreed in 2020, and understanding the importance of art and culture in times of crisis, IC sought to reinvent and offer activities and contents that users could take part in virtually, without leaving home. It created the Palco virtual [Virtual Stage], with shows broadcast online, and also launched the Escola IC [IC School], which offers permanent and temporary courses, as well as Itaú Cultural Play, a platform for free streaming dedicated to national productions.

It also reinforced its production of digital contents, with new columns on its website, an intense production of reports, interviews and articles, and launchings of podcasts. At its headquarters, in São Paulo, it has continued with its programming of exhibitions, creating protocols to adapt the shows to the needs of the moment.

Itaú Cultural continues to innovate and to seek to generate transformative experiences in the world of Brazilian art and culture. Because inspiring and being inspired are an essential part of life.

Itaú Cultural


Working within a network is a fundamental dimension of the actions carried out by Sesc in the state of São Paulo. Spread between the capital, the metropolitan region, the interior, the seacoast, and, also, the virtual environment, the various cultural and leisure centers maintained by the institution compose a grid that extends through different regions and realities, seeking to leverage each of its nodes, understood as units of a wider complex. As an integral part of the territories in which they are located, these “nodes” participate in the local dynamics with the aim of augmenting them.

The very notion of a network includes being open to new interconnections. In this sense, Sesc furthers its social extension and penetration by entering into partnerships with different sectors and entities of society, enlarging the reach of its actions – while the exchanges that come about through these cooperations also bring benefits to its organizational thinking and proposals. The constant and already long-standing collaboration between Sesc and the Fundação Bienal reiterates this policy, suggesting that through a combination of efforts the cultural initiatives become more effective and wider ranging.

In the present edition of the Bienal, due to the event’s expansion in time and space, Sesc is receiving solo shows that are part of the Bienal’s general curatorship, hosting them in its units in the capital, where each exhibition has its own specific educational project, in order to enhance its reception by the public. With this decentralized arrangement, Sesc and the Bienal articulate their expertise and resources in order to broaden the field of contemporary art as much as possible.

Danilo Santos de Miranda
Regional Director of Sesc São Paulo


Instituto Cultural Vale believes in the transforming role of culture, which expands the world view and creates new perspectives for the future. Vale, with more than two decades of investment in the sector, launched in 2020 the Vale Cultural Institute with the purpose of expanding support and valuing Brazilian art and culture in its multiple manifestations and in all its diversity.

The Institute is proud to sponsor the 34th Bienal de São Paulo, which multiplies the opportunities for meeting art, the various identities and artistic expressions that make us who we are. Its diversified agenda generates new knowledge, inspires and promotes reflection on artistic and cultural manifestations with the different audiences that experience them. The Bienal brings to the country's cultural scene a mix of popular and sophisticated elements, showing that art is for everyone. And it is this path that Instituto Cultural Vale seeks, access, exchange and sharing of knowledge and actions with the amalgamation of the creative economy.

Through culture we can express truths, reflect, discover and be inspired to transform the simple into the extraordinary. The Bienal de São Paulo claims the need for art as a field of encounter, resistance, rupture and transformation. It acts as a space for knowledge and coexistence, projecting a future that we want in the actions of the present.

By the diversity of cultural manifestations in society, we grow and evolve together.

Instituto Cultural Vale


We are very pleased to be sponsoring the 34th Bienal de São Paulo. Since 1951, the show has remained committed to featuring innovative works, in both the national and international context, through an admirable selection. Once again, the constant debate of concepts and ideas – which is essential to the creation of quality artworks – is present in this edition of the event.

We identify with this goal and result. Innovating and knowing how to choose are part of our daily activities. Debating clearly on what to do and how to do it with excellence is fundamental for us to achieve the goals of our stakeholders.

Bahia Asset Management

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