Editorial project

In the same way as the works of art are presented for the first time in a certain configuration, and return throughout the project enriched and nuanced by new juxtapositions, the publications of the 34th Bienal consist of a set of texts and images that appear in various formats throughout the process of construction of the exhibition, and will converge into the catalogue that will accompany the main exhibition. This open methodology aims to emphasize the impossibility of crystallizing in a definitive and univocal way what is conceived as a process in constant transformation. The set of publications includes, in addition to the main catalogue (to be launched in September 2021), a digital publication, tenteio, which accompanies the announcement of the full list of participating artists, a guide to the exhibition, an educational publication, a series of correspondence, as well as this website and materials published throughout the Bienal project. Elvira Dyangani Ose serves as a guest editor in collaboration with The Showroom, London.

List of works – São José do Rio Preto


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Fôlder Ximena Garrido-Lecca


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