The starting point of the curatorial project for the 34th Bienal de São Paulo – Though it's dark, still I sing, originally planned for 2020, was the desire to unfold the show in time and space, extending its duration over several months and expanding the presence of participating artists through an unprecedented partnerships with more than twenty cultural institutions in the city. Due to the dramatic events of the last year various aspects of the initially imagined choreography were modified and the collective exhibition was postponed. These changes reinforced the relevance of a show in constant transformation and adaptation, which seeks to reflect on itself publicly, as in a great open rehearsal that reaches its moment of greatest intensity with the opening of the exhibition Though it's dark, still I sing. Artworks by over ninety artists, many of them commissioned specifically for the exhibition, are articulated throughout the exhibition around a series of statements: images, objects, documents, loaded with compelling and complex stories, which punctuate the 34th Bienal to emphasize some of the issues raised by the artworks.

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